[Review] TINT: Aggregate and Embed Social Media Content

In today’s content-rich web ecosystem, the importance of content curation has found itself in the spotlight–and deservedly so. As seas of content grow deeper and ever vast, curators–those who collect and present content for specific audiences–become necessary navigators.

This is not a novel idea. Take restaurants, for example. These flavor curators collect raw ingredients and present/market them for specific tastes.

Just as new tools have developed to bring high-quality content creation to the masses (ie Easel.ly), high-quality curation tools are growing in popularity–take Storify and Paper.li for example. Recently, I’ve tried out TINT on wluLex’s Facebook Page. This is from their about section:

Tint is a simple, yet effective tool that lets anyone aggregate any social media feeds into one page and embed it anywhere they want.

You can aggregate from Facebook pages, Twitter accounts/hashtags, Instagram accounts/hashtags, Youtube channels, etc. and embed it beautifully into any website, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, mobile apps, Facebook Pages, and more!

Click the image below to check it out. Seeing is believing! (I couldn’t embed TINT into this blog as I’m using WordPress free.)

wluLex's Tint has been embedded onto a FB page as an app.

wluLex’s Tint has been embedded onto a FB page as an app.


  • Free (1 Tint per account)
  • Aggregate from Facebook, Twitter handles, Twitter hashtags, Instagram accounts, Instagram hashtags and YouTube channels
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Several design themes to choose from–and they’re pretty attractive
  • Individual pieces of content are editable (title, URL, image or delete)
  • Embeddable: HTML, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook Pages, and others
  • Once embedded, users can share (Facebook), Reply, RT, and Favorite (all Twitter)
  • Paid features include: greater design customization, TINT logo removal, Facebook tab embed, design templates, and support


  • Only 1 Tint per free account
  • Limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube
  • No content filters
  • Takes a while and is fairly involved to embed into Facebook Page App
  • Only embeds into Facebook Pages (not profiles)

We hope to implement this technology across other FB pages and even on Washington and Lee University‘s soon-to-be Social Media Mashup page.

Have you used TINT? How do you like it? Are you smitten with some other curation tools? Let me know!


6 responses to “[Review] TINT: Aggregate and Embed Social Media Content

  1. Hey, Tim here from Tint! Thanks so much for this review and we really appreciate it. If anyone has any questions, you can reach me directly at tim@tintup.com .

    Really appreciate your kind review and love your Tint integration on your website!


  2. Howdy Tim,

    Ah yes! Thanks for that. Adding it right now.

    Take Care,

  3. Jamie. On the blog’s reappearance. I say, go with shapes and colors and over form of this one. Inviting. Clear. And suited to the many parts of these marvelous endeavors. Those arriving here can choose, and they need that choice. What’s offered here is immediate and useful. Some of it one just contemplates, the pictures feel like abodes and dwellings. Summer on the horizon, the politics, philosophy and ethics of social media. Lets think that through and prepare for the fall.

  4. Thank you for the feedback! Yes, it is time for me to recommit myself to weekly posting and overall blog maintenance. I figured that an aesthetic makeover was a doable first step.

    The summer shall be fruitful indeed.

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