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Some Cine’s

(Click ’em.)

Left: What’s one of the coolest parts about my job? Easy; I get to constantly capture the captivating creativity of the Lexington community. This was taken on a lunch break at the Hillel House. Shout-outs to Jack Burks and Nate Reisinger for the ballin rendition of Hotel California. #CoolWindInMyHair

Center: Moving back to Lexington has seriously upped my bike riding time. Loving it. This was taken on the W&L cross country course, just under the parking garage. #WaterBreak

Right: These jam sessioners were keeping it Appalachian at Harrisonburg’s Famer’s Market.



Daily Grind

All aboard!

This is the first cinemagraph I’ve made using Cinemagram (iOS). They’re a visually-striking hybrid of static images and moving .gifs.

These are a bit more difficult to capture than a picture as these really require a still hand for maximum contrast of motion.

It’s pretty basic:

1. Take a video of something you want to capture.

2. Choose a few seconds of the video to eventually transform into a .gif (that’s what these files technically are).

3. Choose the area of the video that you want to have move in time. The non-selected areas will retain the initial frame.

4. Customize the speed & direction of the .gif as well as add a filter.


More cinemagraphs

(This .gif should be moving, pending your connection speed.)