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[Review] TINT: Aggregate and Embed Social Media Content

In today’s content-rich web ecosystem, the importance of content curation has found itself in the spotlight–and deservedly so. As seas of content grow deeper and ever vast, curators–those who collect and present content for specific audiences–become necessary navigators.

This is not a novel idea. Take restaurants, for example. These flavor curators collect raw ingredients and present/market them for specific tastes.

Just as new tools have developed to bring high-quality content creation to the masses (ie Easel.ly), high-quality curation tools are growing in popularity–take Storify and Paper.li for example. Recently, I’ve tried out TINT on wluLex’s Facebook Page. This is from their about section:

Tint is a simple, yet effective tool that lets anyone aggregate any social media feeds into one page and embed it anywhere they want.

You can aggregate from Facebook pages, Twitter accounts/hashtags, Instagram accounts/hashtags, Youtube channels, etc. and embed it beautifully into any website, WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, mobile apps, Facebook Pages, and more!

Click the image below to check it out. Seeing is believing! (I couldn’t embed TINT into this blog as I’m using WordPress free.)

wluLex's Tint has been embedded onto a FB page as an app.

wluLex’s Tint has been embedded onto a FB page as an app.


  • Free (1 Tint per account)
  • Aggregate from Facebook, Twitter handles, Twitter hashtags, Instagram accounts, Instagram hashtags and YouTube channels
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Several design themes to choose from–and they’re pretty attractive
  • Individual pieces of content are editable (title, URL, image or delete)
  • Embeddable: HTML, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook Pages, and others
  • Once embedded, users can share (Facebook), Reply, RT, and Favorite (all Twitter)
  • Paid features include: greater design customization, TINT logo removal, Facebook tab embed, design templates, and support


  • Only 1 Tint per free account
  • Limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube
  • No content filters
  • Takes a while and is fairly involved to embed into Facebook Page App
  • Only embeds into Facebook Pages (not profiles)

We hope to implement this technology across other FB pages and even on Washington and Lee University‘s soon-to-be Social Media Mashup page.

Have you used TINT? How do you like it? Are you smitten with some other curation tools? Let me know!


@wluLex: Student Social Media Curators, Creators, Innovators.

This school year, starting in September ’12, the Washington and Lee University Communications & PR office challenged itself to create a socially legitimate channel for sharing and distributing relevant information to W&L students currently living in the small town of Lexington, VA.  Up to this point, the office has successfully engaged alums and parents via its Facebook page and Twitter handle, @wluNews. However, that simply wasn’t good enough…we were missing a huge and vital part of our audience: current students.

The current student population is most directly impacted by, and constitutes, the current snapshot of the active W&L community. They are what W&L is (sure, W&L prides itself on its vibrant alum network, but that’s more of what W&L was. Though I’m certainly not trying to downplay the importance of heritage). Not to mention, current students possess the greatest savvy of how to navigate the modern virtual information space. And of course, with this savvy comes the efficacy to be very selective when it comes to considering what is “relevant” and how to find it. A classic marketing problem presents itself yet again-the audience we want next the must is the most difficult to reach.

So, how can this valuable audience be engaged? We have less than enthusiastic stats on email readership, website page views are shockingly low and the news aggregator, a daily email titled “Campus Notices,” provides so much one-size-fits-all information in such a dry manner (text only) that its value is lost to students. Further, it takes no time to realize how little time mobile-ready students are willing to spend searching for and absorbing information. Long emails, 40K+ page websites and information hunts are simply unacceptable for students who are on the go and looking for time-sensitive info.

…Instant and ubiquitous gratification of the need for socially and personally relevant news…that is the name of the game.

So, what is socially and personally relevant to students? What is the best platform for making this information available everywhere? How can an official University office gain the necessary social legitimacy to find itself in the realm of the relevant?

Enter wluLex. Boom.

Mission Statement: wluLex is the student-led social media hub of creativity, information & interaction for the W&L community in Lexington.” 

Mission Statement

We interviewed an impressive pool of applicants for eight paid positions. In interviews, which also served as focus groups to learn about the current social media landscape on campus, we challenged students to blend the concepts of social media, school pride, relevant awareness and the growing ubiquity of mobile tech. What is relevant? Who is relevant? Why is it relevant? How does it become relevant? Where and when do you find it?

The students we hired are not simply savvy and diverse. Most importantly, they are curious and ambitious. They have a vision for how connected this community can be and they are willing to attain it. Here they are (these are the bio posters/infographics we’re using as part of our official launch campaign, which is taking place this week):

So, what has the team accomplished?

  • Amassed over 700 Twitter followers with great levels of engagement.
  • Created a workflow that involves each student having a different “beat” of student life and being responsible for taking that beat social (art, student organizations, student programming, varsity sports, campus recreation, community involvement, admissions and academics). Additionally, weekly meetings to synergize our visions are key. Finally, office hours which include individual Personal Growth Plans (blog post to follow soon) help keep each member intellectually and passionately engaged and improving.
  • Create content as well as curate. Examples:
  • Create an avenue for the student body to pose questions directly to other students.
  • Create an avenue for different University departments to quickly spread information to their audiences.
  • Provide insights on which social media platforms are currently relevant. Namely, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. (We’ve just launched our Facebook page and will be unveiling our Pinterest page in the coming weeks.)

And we’re just getting started.

What do you think? Have questions? Maybe some recommendations? I’m so all ears.

Questioning the Good Life: Eric Wilson on the Importance of Melancholy

As part of Washington and Lee’s interdisciplinary seminar, “Questioning the Good Life,” sociologist and author (here’s his book, Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy) Eric Wilson gave a lecture and discussion on the importance of melancholy (W&L press release here). I was lucky enough to manage @wluNews‘ twitter account for the event. My arm wasn’t twisted too much–who doesn’t want to unlock the secrets to happiness?

In a very small nutshell, Wilson argues that periods of melancholy, defined below, are necessary to happiness as melancholy allows us to see the world in new, infinite ways. Ultimately, I thought he did a better job of articulating the merits of novel experiences in life than he did in defining happiness. I guess they say variety is the spice of life.

During the Q&A after the lecture, I asked him if the familiar, non-novel parts of our lives have value. After all, are we honestly supposed to live our entire lives in a sea of uncertainty to find happiness? To which he replied: there must be familiarity to come back to-or else the unknown has no meaning. There must be a polarization. —More thoughts on his response to follow in the comments section.

Here are the associated tweets (chronologically) as well as some stuff that didn’t make the Twitterwebs.

#wluHappinessHere, Wilson made two important distinctions:

Melancholy vs. Depression: Melancholy is the novel, unique, random feelings of sadness we all feel. Depression is a state at which the feelings of sadness are no longer novel or unique–because they’re ever present.

“American” Happiness vs. Joy: Roughly speaking, “American” happiness is a feeling of contentment, of having what you want. Joy, on the other hand is the feeling one gets when he or she becomes so overwhelmed with emotion that crying is only a hair away.


Noted that he suffers from depression as well has bipolar disorder. He urged medical treatment in dangerous situations, but seemed to hope that people don’t confuse “depression” and “melancholy.”


He recalled a difficult period in his life (starting college) and the terrible dread he felt; he had left home to play football for Army. It took the pain and sadness following his arrival to make him realize a huge change was needed.


Here, Wilson started pulling in some of philosophy and literature’s greatest hits: Pseudo-Aristotle, Sarte, Blake, James, Keats, Tolstoy, and Dickinson. I’ve simply added a few relevant quotes with tweets below; when paired with the tweets, Wilson’s general views are well-outlined.


Blake: Without contraries is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence.


Blake: Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.


James: To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal. 

Keats: Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced. 


Dickinson: My business is circumference. Here, Wilson quoted Dickinson who viewed things from every angle. This multi-angled view of the world may go on toward infinity.


Tolstoy: It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness. 


Blake: To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.


So yeah, I’m pumped for the next chat. Please feel free to comment or start a discussion below!